Intro to Fair Isle: 3/3/18

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March 3, 2018

10am to 11:30am

Janis Ficker

Description: This class will move quickly through the history of Fair Isle knitting, picking colors for your project and how to knit with one color in each hand. After this class you will be able to finish a 3 color Bousta Beanie Hat.

Advanced Beginner: Can Knit and Purl in the Round with confidence

Skills Learned:

  • How to pick colors
  • Yarn Dominance
  • Basic Chart reading
  • Combination knitting
  • Trapping Floats

Materials Needed:

  • Needles A: US 2 16” Circular
  • Needles B: US 4 16” Circular Needles C US 4 DPN’s
  • Yarn A: (2) 50g Ball Rauma
  • Yarn B: (1) 50g Ball Rauma
  • Yarn C: (1) 50g Ball Rauma
  • 13 Stitch Markers
  • Bousta Beanie Pattern (Free on Ravelry)
  • A Pen A color wheel (If you have one)

Homework: ** Must be completed before class. **

Use the same yarn and needles you will be using for your Bousta Beanie ** do not cut your yarn

Follow the pattern instructions for the brim, completing Round 14 as instructed. Leave your project on smaller needles and do not cut your yarn

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