Learn to Knit 1/26


  • Learn to Knit    1/26
  • Learn to Knit    1/26

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We offer this one session class on several dates.  Please select a date from the drop down menu.

Saturday:  10am to noon

$85 includes all supplies

What could be cozier than a squishy soft knitting project?  Learn the basics of this relaxing craft!  You'll spend two hours with an experienced instructor, learning how to knit this gorgeous cowl.  Then, schedule a day/time to return to learn how to finish the project!  

You'll learn the long-tail cast-on, how to knit the garter stitch, how to keep your edges neat, and how to read your knitting so that you'll be able to fix simple mistakes.  We'll also discuss best methods for selecting the right needle, yarn, and gauge for future projects.

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